How to use MyTripTime

MyTripTime gives you a personalized on-time score based on your most frequent Metro rides in the last three months. In order to get a score you've got to have made at least 5 rides on the same segment in a three month period. 

How do I see my own on-time scores through MyTripTime?

To access your personal on-time scores through the MyTripTime tool, you must have a registered SmarTrip card, so it can track when you tap in and out of the Metro system. If you don’t have one yet, register now so you can start making your Metro data work for you!

Once you have your registered SmarTrip card handy, log in to WMATA’s SmarTrip dashboard and navigate to the MyTripTime tool.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the relevant card (you probably only have one)
  3. There is a section on the right that says “history”
  4. Click “My Trip Time Dashboard” and it should pop up.

What do my scores mean?

You’ll get two types of on-time scores: a cumulative one and one per segment you normally ride.

Cumulative on-time score.

The cumulative on-time score reflects the percentage of your total trips that fell within WMATA's expected travel time for those rides. 

On-time score of frequent segments you ride.

The on-time score for each segment you frequently ride reflects the percentage of your trips between those two stations that fell within WMATA's expected travel time for that particular segment. 

Read more about how WMATA calculates these scores here