MyTripTime Challenge

Does Metro get you there on time, or does it often make you late? Put your experience to the test,!

WMATA makes personal on-time performance data available to riders through its MyTripTime tool. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to access. So, we want to help riders find their personal on-time scores, crowdsource that data, and encourage riders to set a personal on-time target and put Metro to the test!

Join a cohort of Metro riders who track their MyTripTime scores and set a personal on-time performance target, challenging WMATA to your Back2Good standards. And you’ll help create a database of customer on-time performance scores, which GGWash will analyze and write about.

Why should you participate?

  • It’s easy! All you have to do is check your on-time stats using Metro’s MyTripTime tool a few times over the next few months and share your information with the GGWash community.

  • Challenge WMATA to meet your standards! Learn about Metro’s targets for itself, how your personal stats compare, and set your own on-time goal.

  • See how you compare to others! Track your on-time performance stats and see how they stack up to other riders’.

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